Spiritual Coaching

  • Need a space where you feel accepted?
  • Are you looking for someone to talk with about school, work, relationships and other things that are on your mind?
  • Would you like to integrate your spirituality in a deeper and more meaningful way?

Between Passover and Shavuot (called the Omer) I will be providing Spiritual Coaching in 50 minute sessions. Choose a one time session or a series of three and get a discount.

In our coaching sessions, I can help you connect your life goals with spiritual ideas, breathing a new spirit into your passions. Together we’ll build a Spiritual Toolkit that allows you to understand your life and ambitions in new ways, as well as smashing fears.

Get started by filling out the form below. I will reach out to you to schedule your session(s), discuss the topics you want to cover in our sessions and handle your payment options.

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100% of the fees from Spiritual Coaching will go to Darshan Yeshiva, the online Jewish school I am honored to be a part of.


Is this the same as therapy?
Spiritual Coaching is NOT the same as mental health therapy. Spiritual Coaching is focused on helping you achieve your life goals through a better integration of your spiritual self and your daily life.

What will I get out of doing this?
At the end of each Spiritual Coaching session, you should be able to fully recognize what your goals are and the steps you need to “get there”. You will receive a handout prior to our sessions which we will use to chart where you are in life and where you would like to go, as well as the Spiritual Toolkit you need to build the life you want.

Do I have to be Jewish to do this?
As a rabbi, my frame of reference for spirituality is the Jewish tradition. But Spiritual Coaching is available to anyone of any faith background (including people without a spiritual practice or atheists/agnostics/humanists).

Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?
Absolutely! I will provide a 100% money back guarantee.

Should I choose one session or three? Can I have one session, then sign up for more? Can I do one session, see if I like it, then sign up for two more sessions and get a discount?
You only receive the discount if you sign up for three sessions. There are no discounts for people who sign up for “one session” multiple times.

Can I sign up for sessions at any time?
Signup for sessions will end Friday, June 10th. You must sign up before then or risk losing out on the opportunity for coaching.

What if I have more questions?
Email rabbi@rabbipatrick.com for more info.