My Recommendations

I’m often asked what my favorite Jewish websites are, what books I would recommend for people wanting to expand their Jewish knowledge, and in particular, resources that have inspired the Jewish practice I have today.

Here is a small, but growing, list of my favorites. Check back every now and then as the list grows.

My Personal Work

These are pieces I have written, edited or published over the past decade.


General Favorites
Anything by the Bible scholars Robert Alter or Richard Elliott Friedman. These two authors are great for people who want to dig deeper into text from a literary perspective.

A Provocative People by Rabbi Sherwin Wine – though I disagree with his entirely secular understanding of Judaism (as he is the founder of Secular Humanistic Judaism), I nonetheless see this as the single greatest Jewish history book ever written. You can read it in a week and have a Masters degree level of Jewish knowledge.

Jewish With Feeling by Reb Zalman – good balance between the Rationalist and Mystical approaches to Judaism. A great book for someone who wants Judaism to be more about internal spiritual practice than external social demands


For People Embracing Judaism For the First(ish) Time
Judaism For Beginners – great online class by Darshan Yeshiva. Save $5 off when you use the promo code BJS0418

My Jewish Learning – a great post-denominational website that will give you a range of Jewish opinions on everything from God to latke recipes. – not my favorite theologically and as its an Orthodox, denominational website, it only focuses on its own approach. However, the site is great for someone who wants to get a beginner understanding of traditional Judaism, through the lens of Hasidism. Also good for beginner Torah/text study.

Kveller – best Jewish parenting website. Tends to be a bit click-bait oriented, so fair warning.

For People Who Want/Wanted To Be Rabbis – Arguably the greatest Jewish educational resource on the Internet. And I build Jewish educational websites, so that is saying something. If you want to understand the literary and archeological perspective on the Bible, this is it. Period.

MechonMamre – every rabbi uses this website. Great for working through Biblical and non-Biblical text. Website is a bit dated but it’s still up for a reason.

Halachipedia – exactly what it sounds like.

Ben Kweskin the Hebrew Tutor – great guy and a close friend. Tutoring over Skype in just about every area of Biblical or Modern Hebrew. No set curricula so you can design the program as you need it. Low rates, too.